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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dessert Bar Inspiration!

 Dessert Bars have become all the hype with weddings and parties these days. 
When planning my own wedding last fall I knew that I had to have a dessert bar. My favorite foods are basically anything with sugar in them so having a dessert bar was ESSENTIAL!

I found a lot of inspiration from the marvelous Amy Atlas. She has created some of the most beautiful dessert bars I've seen.

Since I'm a floral designer adding flowers to the dessert table was a must! In fact, I wanted the flowers to be a big part of the look. We used hydrangea, roses and sprayed branches with hanging ribbons and crystals which finished the look. My sister in law, Heidi, is super talented and made the desserts for this table (which lasted maybe 20 seconds... I learned that I wasn't the only sugar lover at our wedding dinner!!!). Thankfully we had A TON of wedding cake to go around. I was so in love with my wedding cake (thank you Granite Bakery and Bridal)! It had to be the center of the table. The lace details of the cake were unbelievable.

When designing a dessert table I think it's very important to label your desserts, plus labels can be really cute and can add a lot to the table. We chose to go with all white plates and dishes as well as white linens and a white lace overlay. I wanted the candy and desserts to pop a little which I think they did. When choosing the candy I wanted a variety of shapes and sizes and textures. We chose pina colada licorice, orange rock candy suckers, tangerine sour balls, pina colada sour balls and peach taffy. We did the same thing with the desserts. We served mini cupcakes, macarons, cake balls and white chocolate dipped oreos. We had little cellophane bags for the guests who opted to take their treats home. And for the finishing touch, Heidi made little sticker labels with our initials on them to seal the bags (I love to personalize things!).

The most important thing to remember when designing a dessert bar is to make sure to add your personality to it. Have fun with it and let it reflect a little piece of you!

 I made the cupcake papers our of lace doilies. So cute!

 The rest of these dessert bar pictures are from the Ruffled Blog. They had a great write up on dessert bars and how to properly put them together. To read the post click here.


  1. I loved this post on dessert bars! The different variations and styles are all darling. The peach taffy looks delicious!

    1. Thanks! There are so many things you can do to a dessert bar!