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Friday, September 11, 2015

Guest Post from Weddings at Temple Square

How to Choose the Right Bouquet for Your Wedding

Today we’re pleased to have a guest post from Weddings at Temple Square. When you’re planning your Salt Lake City wedding, be sure to follow these tips and check out the beautiful venues at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and Lion House downtown!

Here is their take on choosing the right bouquet for you!

When the bride lets go of the bouquet, all the single women fight to get that one prized possession: the wedding bouquet. When choosing that perfect bouquet to toss, there are many aspects to consider, so we wrote up all the things to think about before picking out your pretty flowers.

Shape and size of the bouquet

When choosing the size of your bouquet, think about how it will look and feel when you hold it. The waist is usually the smallest and most flattering part of the body, so choose a bouquet that will not hide that. Consider your budget when scoping out bouquets. The more flowers, the more expensive. Also, since you will be carrying the bouquet all day, you will want to make sure it’s comfortable to hold for an extended amount of time. Choosing the right amount of flowers placed in the right way can make your bouquet memorable.

What's in season?

Tulips are always a good choice for a spring wedding, peonies are perfect for spring and early summer months, roses fit the winter tone and dahlias go well with fall colors. Picking seasonal flowers will create a scene with flowers at their brightest color and can also save you money for your big day.

Colors of the bouquet

Consider what your wedding colors are and what colors will work well together. Sometimes it’s best to have one bold color surrounded by neutral colors, or you might want to have an arrangement of all pastels or all bright hues. For some, the perfect arrangement of flowers is something simple like a small bouquet of daisies or roses. Going with only one color in your bouquet might be what you want.

Unique elements to make the bouquet pop

You may want to incorporate seasonal accessories or elements that match your wedding theme. This could include some pine cones in a fall bouquet, seashells added in among your flowers at a beach wedding, or pearls draped in for a vintage look. Maybe you even want a bouquet of only sunflowers for your summer or barn wedding.

Make it personal

What has been your favorite flower since you were a young girl? What flowers make you think of your mom? What were the first flowers your significant other gave you in a gesture of his love? Questions like these are good ones to ask when picking out flowers for your bouquet. There's nothing like having a little sentimentality in a wedding. After all, what more sentimental event is there?

What goes with your gown

A beaded and embroidered top could be paired with a more low-key and simple bouquet. If most of the beading and eye-catching details of your dress are on the skirt, make sure not to have a trailing bouquet. Lace goes better with some flowers, and tulle matches better with others. A big, poofy skirt creates a look for a more simple, streamlined bouquet, compared to a sleek, mermaid-style dress that a bold, large bouquet would pair well with. Think about the pattern, style and colors of the dress and how the bouquet can complement the dress, and most importantly, you!

Where is your venue

The venue automatically sets the mood of your experience. The style and colors of the venue create ambiance for the bouquet. If the venue is big and flashy, maybe a more toned-down bouquet would work best. Or, maybe you want to “go big or go home” and you can do a bold bouquet. Also, keep in mind the colors of the venue because you wouldn't want your bouquet to clash.

This is one of the biggest days of your life, and you will never forget the object you hold in your hands the whole day. Wedding planning consumes a lot of time and thinking, but one way to make all that easier on yourself is to use this 12 Week Wedding Planning Checklist. Whatever you choose, make sure it complements your life and your natural beauty.

Thank you Weddings at Temple Square!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ashley and Nick's Canyons Wedding

Ashley's wedding was a beautiful, classic, gorgeous wedding! Everything from the wedding planner (White Ginger Events), photography (The fabulous Pepper Nix), to the gown (Altamoda), to the venue (Canyons), and of the course the flowers (Blooms and Blossoms) this wedding was picture perfect! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Elissa and Andrew

I'm excited to post one of my favorite spring weddings of 2014. Elissa is a very dear friend of mine which made designing her flowers extra special. Elissa and her hubby, Andrew, were married in the Salt Lake City temple and had a wedding dinner/reception at the Salt Lake Country club. They know how to throw a seriously amazing party. I loved celebrating with them! 


Venue | Salt Lake Country Club