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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Guest Blogger: Mikell Gordon on wedding fashion!

Today we have a guest blogger. We asked fashionista Mikell Gordon to give us some tips and advice on wedding fashion. If you know her or follow her then I'm sure you know how much she loves fashion and how well she can put an outfit together! 

You can follow Mikell on Pinterest and Instagram: missmikell.

When Kelli from Blooms & Blossoms asked me to do a post on Wedding Fashion I was so excited..
I get to combine my love for fashion & my love for weddings into one small post!

As I was brainstorming exactly how I was going to write this post I started imagining all of the weddings I've been to lately and realized just how different and unique every one of them has been.
Now, Lets rewind & think about a "traditional wedding"
When I hear "traditional wedding" this is what comes to mind..

Huge veil, poofy sleeves, massive white bouquets.. Which are.. (were?) lovely, don't get me wrong.
..But can you believe how weddings & traditions have changed over time?
Weddings these days are all about being unique, and being yourself!

Today we are seeing less veils, and more and more fun headpieces!

We see less of your traditional white satin, barely-there-heel wedding shoes & more and more funky options for footwear!
From colored heels & ballet flats to tennis shoes, cowboy boots & even hunter rain boots!

Dress styles are constantly changing & dress stores are even bringing back your vintage lace, sleek dress, which I happen to LOVE! 
The nontraditional short style wedding dress, and even wedding dresses in different colors have definitely made a lovely appearance lately!

Accessories have been a major key in setting brides and their weddings apart..
I've seen daring bright lip colors, to bright colored nail polish, bold statement jewelry & funky decorations!

I think Brides have a tendency to get caught up in having a "timeless" wedding. A wedding that will always be in style, with a dress that will never go out of style.
Truth is, that's probably impossible. Trends and styles are changing so much, it's hard to keep up with, but the important thing is to have a wedding that reflects YOUR STYLE! Pick a dress, jewelry, makeup or nail polish that reflect you, and the things you love!

Don't be afraid to have a wedding that may be different from every one else.. that's what makes it so fun!
I love attending weddings where you can see the Brides personal style reflected through decor, atmosphere, and ESPECIALLY her FASHION!
I'm a huge fan of the Hunter rain boots, or cowboy boots under a ruffled dress that most would consider nontraditional.

Be YOU, and most of all, make it FUN!

(All images are from Pinterest)


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